New regulations on Vietnam entry time for foreigners under Vietnam’s unilateral visa exemption.

According to new laws on foreigners’ entry into, exit from, transit through and residence in Vietnam which has come into force since July 01, 2015:
  • Bilateral visa exemption: The agreement between Vietnam government and your country about Vietnam visa exemption for citizens to enter or exit.
  • Unilateral visa exemption: Vietnam government’s regulation for foreign citizens from several European countries and Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, who are unilaterally granted Visa-Free Entry without agreement between two countries.
Foreigners entering Vietnam under visa exemption should take notice of passport which requires at least 30 day validity prior the date of exit from Vietnam and 06 month validity to meet airlines’ requirements
According to Visa exemption related documents of Vietnam government, in addition to Vietnam government’s rules on bilateral Vietnam visa exemption for countries in Asia, 7 nationalities including Korea, Japan, Russia, Sweden, Norway and Finland are granted with unilateral visa-free entry in Vietnam. Specifically.
  • Countries are granted bilateral visa-free entry no more than 14 days:
   Brunei Less than 14 days
  • Countries are granted unilateral visa-free entry no more than 15 days:
   Japan Less than 15 days
   South Korea Less than 15 days
   Sweden Less than 15 days
   Norway Less than 15 days
   Denmark Less than 15 days
   Russia Less than 15 days
   Finland Less than 15 days
   United Kingdom Less than 15 days
   France Less than 15 days
   Germany Less than 15 days
   Spain Less than 15 days
   Italy Less than 15 days
   Belarus Less than 15 days
  • Countries are granted bilateral visa-free entry no more than 21 days:
   Philippines Less than 21 days
  • Countries are granted bilateral visa-free entry no more than 30 days:
   Thailand Less than 30 days
   Malaysia Less than 30 days
   Singapore Less than 30 days
   Indonesia Less than 30 days
   Cambodia Less than 30 days
   Laos Less than 30 days
  • French and Chilean citizens with valid diplomatic or official passports are exempt from Vietnam visa and allowed to reside 1 time of multiple entry or many times with no more than 90 days of residence in total in 6 months since the first enter.
  • Citizens with APEC business cards from member economies of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) are granted visa-free entry with no more than 60 days of residence.
  • For tourists to Phu Quoc, Vietnam: Foreigners and abroad residing Vietnam citizens entering Vietnam through an international border and travelling to Phu Quoc island, then residing under 15 days are granted Vietnam visa free entry. Passport are required at least 45 day validity. After entering Phu Quoc, in case travelers want to have a visit to other destinations or reside in the island more than 15 days, they will be offered Vietnam visa by the Immigration department right in the island.
Tips: If within 30 days after the date you exit from Vietnam with visa-free, travelers wishing to continue entry again thus their stamping fee at Vietnam international airports for type 1 month single entry is only $5 instead of $25 as before. (Previous regulations required travelers need at least 30 days to re-entry Vietnam or entry with new application and pay 25$ for stamping fee in case of less than 30 days).

Therefore, for the above citizens entering Vietnam under visa exemption, it takes at least 30 days of waiting since the latest date of Vietnam exit to enter again without Vietnam visa.

Let’s take a Korean citizen entering Vietnam under visa exemption under 15 days on January 1, 2015 as an example, this person exited Vietnam on January 10, 2015; however after coming back Korea, he wanted to enter Vietnam under visa exemption under 15 days. Therefore he took at least 30 days (on February 10, 2015) to enter Vietnam without visa that Vietnam unilaterally grant Korean citizens with an ordinary passport

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