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The present website is owned and operated by BAOMINH INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL.,JSC (hereinafter, “we” or the/our “Company”), which is a private company with Tax ID number 0108234772, its registered office at 134 Hoang Sam, Nghia Do Ward, Cau Giay Dist, Hanoi City, Vietnam, and contact email: sales@vietnamevisa.com
The Company is not affiliated, owned, or operated by the Government or any governmental agency. We, among others, offer a professional assistance service in submitting Electronic Travel Authorization applications, for one or more persons, before the Government, in order for foreign nationals to visit a country (hereinafter, the “Services”). For further information, check the “About our Services” section.
The present Terms and Conditions establish the conditions of hiring the Services offered on the present website, and they must be accepted by the User, before confirming the payment of the costs of the Electronic Travel Authorization application(s) process. Said acceptance will be an express and clear statement by the User that he/she has read, understood and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. The confirmation of payment automatically confers the User the status of Customer and its bonding with these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter,  “you”, “your”, “the Customer”).
The Company reserves the right to update these Terms and Conditions, in accordance with new legislative and/or jurisprudential requirements and/or business needs or interests, at any time and without prior notice to the User and/or Customer. The updated version of these Terms and Conditions will be effective immediately, at the same time it is published on this website.
These Terms and Conditions will always be available on this website, so that the User and/or Customer can consult them at any time.
The service provision contract may be formalized, in English wording, which will prevail in any case.
For any doubt or question related to these Terms and Conditions, you can contact us through our Customer Service Department by email: sales@vietnamevisa.com or through our Contact form.

About our Services

As previously said, this website is owned and operated by a private agency which is not affiliated, enforced, operated, or owned by any Government. We offer information about Electronic Travel Authorization applications for foreign nationals to visit Vietnam, and we provide a professional assistance service in submitting said applications before the Government on behalf of the applicant.
The customer can apply for one or more Electronic Travel Authorizations for one or several persons to travel to one same destination. However, it must be highlighted that the approval or denial of an Electronic Travel Authorization application is an exclusive competence of Vietnam Government.
Our professional Services, among others, consist of:

1.  Within our website, users can find useful information regarding:
The policies of Vietnam to which the traveler desires to travel to, so that he/she as a foreign national can successfully enter and remain for an determinate period of time. For further information, see our website’s “Visa Policy” section.
Whether or not Vietnam Government require an Electronic Visa or Visa On Arrival to travel when entering Vietnam? In the event that it is needed, we indicate to them all of the steps that must be followed in order to obtain it. For further reference, see our website’s “Visa Requirements” section.
In the event that travelers cannot find information about what requirements they need to travel to Vietnam. Visitors can contact our customer service center for the fastest possible support We give tips and provide Users and/or Customers with useful information while completing their Visa application form.
We keep Users and/or Customers updated by publishing news about the Government policies in our website’s “News” section.

2. Before the application is submitted:
Verify that the Customer has fulfilled all the information required in the Electronic Travel Authorization application form and, when necessary, contact us to ensure that the personal data and personal information you provide is accurate and complete.

3. After the Visa application is submitted:
Keep the Customer informed about the status of her/his visa application, such as that it has already been submitted and/or if the Government has required more personal information and/or additional documentation in order to assess his/her application.
Processing times for an Visa application will be notice immediately when submitting the application on the website: VietnamEvisa.com. They are based on processing times provided by the Government under normal circumstances. However, please be aware that, at its discretion, the Government may request additional information and/or documentation which may affect the standard processing time. In addition, we may contact the Customer via email and/or phone for additional information in order to process your online applications and resolve any further requests.
Communicate to the Customer the result of their Visa application
In the event that Your Visa / E-visa is approved, it will be sent to you in PDF format to the same email address you provided us when you completed your application.
You can also download your Visa/E-visa Approval Letter at any time by using the application status checker on our website (The system requires a registered email and profile code when checking profile status)
Inform them about the Government’s decision of approving or denying their application. We will also notify the customer of the detailed reason given by the Vietnam Immigration Department.
We strongly recommend that you check the personal data and information on your Visa approval letter / E-visa before traveling to Vietnam. If you find out that you have made a mistake when completing your application form, please contact our Customer Service Department as soon as possible.
Additionally in connection with our professional assistance services regarding Visa application, individuals will have the possibility to purchase other additional services when these add-ons are offered on the present website (hereinafter, “the Additional Services”):
  1. Travel Health Certificate: a health declaration which some destination countries require the traveler to compulsorily complete before entering the country to prevent the spread of disease. The contact details and travel information provided can be used by the Governmental Authorities to track the health status of visitors.
This service can be also requested separately/individually on the homepage of our website, which means, it can be obtained even if the Visa application has not been requested.
Travelers can make their health declaration electronically, before their trip or physically, upon arrival at the airport of the destination country. It is recommended that this is made in advance in order to speed up the process of going through the airport’s immigration controls.
Travelers who make their health declaration electronically receive a reference number and/or a code that they will be required to present on the airport’s immigration controls.
Please note that having the Travel Health Certificate does not guarantee entry to the destination country, as the admission criteria are the exclusive competence of the Immigration Authorities.
  1. Express Entry/Departure Support Service at the Airport: It is a service to assist passengers at the airport. When you have a flight: Arrivals or Departures from an airport in Vietnam.
Currently we offer 3 types of services corresponding to the needs of customers:
  • Meet and Assist – Arrival: Pick up at the airport (For Arriving Flights – customers fly from other places)
  • Meet and Assist – Departure: Airport departure services (For Departing Flights – customers fly to elsewhere)
  • Meet and Assist – Connection: Pick-up / Drop-off (For connecting Flights)
In addition to each type of service, to meet the demand of our customers we also offer many kind of services with options from NORMAL Service to LUXURY Service, respectively with each type of service are different privileges, the highest one is LUXURY with quality standards for Ministerial level or leaders of large corporations in the world ...
You can request additional services when applying for a visa or contact us via email: Sales@vietnamevisa.com / hotline: (+84) 93 6699 869
  1. Private car pickup Airport: Its services to help international travelers to book cars for their trips quickly and conveniently.
The travelers often worry about the booking such as: How to book a car? Is the car guaranteed? How about pick-up time? are there good, polite drivers? Is rental fee reasonable?
We well understand your worry about and then provide you with online booking services in very simple and effective way.
With us:
  • You can book a car for your trip from anywhere at any time.
  • Driver’s details will be provided at least 1-2 days prior to departure.
  • Timely pickup
  • 100% of drivers are thoroughly assessed on their identification and licensed to carry passengers by Vietnam Road Administration.
  • Your request is received and processed on 24/7 services.
  • You are keep updated service charge before confirmation booking (including all expenses for the trip such as driver’s, fuel, toll, parking fees, etc.)
  • No surcharge is required for pick-up at night time or peak hours.
  • Flexible to change time and place of pick up (in this case, the service charge is subject to change depending on updated time and place of pick-up)
  • You can completely cancel the booking even if your service charge has been paid successfully (we accept cancellation at least 24 hours before pickup time; within 24 hours from pickup time, you may only reserve or change in time and place pick up.)
  • Comprehensive insurance up to USD 1 million.


Date format: dd/mm/yyyy - 12/10/1980
Time Zone: Vietnam standard time - GMT +7
Working days: All week days except Saturday and Sunday.
Working hours: 8.00 AM to 16.00 PM every Working Days.
Multiple / Single entry: Multiple is interpreted as multiple entries, not multiple applicants.
Multiple entries: Means you are allowed to enter / exit Vietnam multiple times within a given period of time. For example: 1 months multiple entry visa means - you are allowed to enter / exit Vietnam multiple times from the intended date of arrival provided plus 1 calendar consecutive months.


Processing time for arranging pre-approved letter offered by VietnamEvisa.Com is based on processing time provided by Vietnam Immigration Department under normal circumstances, which is 5 – 7 working days or 1- 3 working days with urgent services. Processing time will be starting from the next business day after you pay and notify us your payment receipt. Vietnam Immigration Department may request additional documents and may delay and/or deny processing at their discretion without further explanations.
Our service provided is completed once the letter of approval is sent to the email address you submitted during the application process. You are required to notify us if you do not receive the letter in time, if no email from you informing us that you do not receive the letter within 24 hours, the service is understood to be completed. We are not responsible for any delay/loss caused by the Wrong email addresses supplied by applicants or the situation that applicants do not notify us by email that approval letter is not received.


There are no hidden fees when you book services on VietnamEvisa.Com website, all fees are clearly and publicly displayed. All fees related to the service (Service fee, payment fee via international payment gateway) are included in the price displayed on the website.
The total amount to be paid is shown in detail by US Dollars (USD) and Vietnam Dong (VND).
When you pay via ONEPAY Gateways, the Vietnam Dong (VND) currency will be applied for payment. The exchange rate between VND and foreign currencies will depend on the exchange rate at the time of payment.
  • In some cases, there will be exchange rate differences between countries, banks, payment gateways... resulting in the actual payment amount (Foreign currency) being different from the amount shown on the website. However, the amount in VND is fixed and correct.
  • When you agree to pay, we understand that you have confirmed your agreement with the fees shown on the website, the exchange rate difference (if any) as well as the payment terms related to the service.


You are only permitted to make a cancel request if your booking status is “Waiting Payment"
We NOT refunded once your visa application status is put under "Payment received" Or "Processing"
We NOT refunded once we have completed the service you requested and sent the E-visa/Visa Approval Letter to the email address you provided when you registered (Make sure you provided the correct email address, and check the spam box, we NOT responsible if you do not receive the email because you provide the wrong email address or the E-Visa / Visa result mail is sent to the spam box).
In case your visa application is declined by the Vietnam Immigration Department your payment will be refunded after deducting the fees paid to the Vietnamese government, international payment fees and exchange rate differences
It is imperative that you supply us with all the correct information required for your requested visa at the time of your intended departure. We cannot be held responsible for any visa granted incorrectly or refused entry due to incorrect visa information. Though every effort will be made on our part to correct any visa issues prior to departure, no refund will be given by us in the event of false or incorrect information being supplied at the time of issue. We strongly recommend that you check your visa confirmation letter against your passport and personal information prior to departure.
Immigration officers sometimes make mistakes. We suggest that you should check the details on the approval letter carefully. If you find any errors on the letter of approval, please inform us immediately by EMAIL and wait until the visa approval letter is fixed. If we do not receive any email for error correction within 24 hours from the time we send out the letter of approval or at least 60 minutes before your departure time (applied for urgent 2 working hour service), we will not be responsible for any failed applications, declined entries. Furthermore, we will not liable if customer cancelled unilaterally the visa and used other service from other companies before the mistake is fixed. All compensation requests will be refused in that case.


We are not responsible for any loss, delay or cancellation of your flight ticket, tour or accommodation booking made for your trip to Vietnam in case your visa application is declined by the Immigration Department of Vietnam. In this case, we will refund you the full amount paid for our service.
Normally, it takes 2 working days to process an approval letter, however, there are also exceptions, delay due to unforseen problems since the process is highly dependent on the Immigration Department of Vietnam. We strongly recommend that you apply for a visa at least 1-2 weeks in advance to avoid any problems.
The letter of approval is issued separately for each application, however, in some cases (in high seasons and urgent processing requests), it is issued on a shared basis for all applicants who apply for a visa at the same time or same date of arrival based on the Immigration Department sole decision. If you have special request for separate letter of approval, please select Share Visa when applying.
Please note that we also reserve the right to refuse to any visa requests.


These Terms and Conditions were last updated on June 30, 2023